Topics of the School

Here there is a preliminary list of the topics of the school.

  • Geometrical and topological shape representations
  • Geometry processing
  • Reverse engineering and shape recovery
  • Shape analysis
  • 3D shape and image segmentation
  • Skeletonization
  • Shape matching and retrieval

Applications, such as product design and analysis, visualization and computer graphics, animation, game development, web searching, biomedical engineering, will be discussed.

In collaboration with Eurographics

Steering Committee

  • Leila De Floriani
  • Gill Barequet
  • Bianca Falcidieno
  • Craig Gotsman
  • Enrico Puppo
  • Michela Spagnuolo

Organizing Committee

  • Laura Papaleo (DISI)
  • Laura Montanari (DISI)
  • Daniela Peghini (DISI)
  • Davide Sobrero (DISI)
  • Marianna Facinoli (DISI)

The School is organized and hosted by the Department of Computer Science, University of Genova from June 18 to June 22, 2007.


AIM@SHAPE: Advanced and Innovative Models And Tools for the development of Semantic-based systems for Handling, Acquiring, and Processing knowledge Embedded in multidimensional digital objects